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Step into the VR World

No Base Station, No Straps!

It’s not just a pair of shoes, it’s a VR tracker! Surplex VR tracking shoes are a game changer,  delivering the most comfortable and immersive VR experience. No base station, no dongle, no drifting, no straps, no blind spots! With Surplex, you can streamline VR interaction and immerse yourself into a whole new world of VR! 

Comfortable, Ultra-Light, Immersive

No complicated setup, no need to strap multiple sensors onto your legs and waist. Simply wear Surplex and step into engaging virtual worlds like magic.

Truly Precise Full-body Tracking

Surplex uses more than 480 advanced self-developed flexible pressure sensors under each foot and proprietary deep learning algorithms to infer human 3d skeletons accurately. Each foot is also equipped with an IMU to estimate its angle. Combined, these features provide the most realistic simulated movements and allow you to seamlessly connect virtual experience with the real world.

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How does Surplex Work?

Here are two parts to the magic of Surplex: the sole and the IMU. 

Each sole of Surplex is layered with 240 pressure sensors that offered a broader view of how you are standing and your body movement. They are 1mm in thickness, but contribute the most to the motion capture. They read the pressure on your foot to create a skeletal model of the user's character. Each time you move your torso or whole body, you shift the centre of gravity, and in turn the pressure on your feet change. That’s why even though these sensors won’t directly detect anything else, Surplex knows how your entire body moves. 

The 9-Axis IMU we used(BNO085), on the other hand, offeres a more delicate tracking of your legs movements and angles. Surplex will utilize this information to infer users' legs movement, so your movement can be captured even without pressure information (such as when you jump in the air or raise your leg). Combining this with the pressure sensors, and you will get seamless movement in the virtual space. 

You can further check our youtube channel for detailed demo video which has showed our product's capability to track Hip, Legs and Knee movements. Even with intense accuracy testing, all the joints achieved <5cm mean accuracy.

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