Ultimate Solution for Keys Exchange

Designed for homeowners, realtors, AirBnB hosts and office staff, K1 is the perfect solution for complete property access control without the need to change or upgrade locks. Set a dynamic code remotely through your phone for a temporary visitor, or grant access with a certain period of validity to your guests. With a powerful and intuitive app, total key control of your home or property is simple and reliable.

In-app Management for Property Protection

K1 records each time it opened. It keeps detailed entry and exit logs so that you know who was in the property at any time. With simple controls on your phone, you can remotely limit or revoke a guest’s access permission after they leave or increase their allowable time period if they need to extend their visit.

Never Be Locked Out Again

The K1 lock box is a reliable entry backup for all homeowners. Just place a spare set of keys and other essentials inside and never be locked out again. Set fingerprint or app access for family members or friends and always have fast, safe access to your home.