What is Emo?

A cool interactive desktop pet with a unique personality to help you and grow with you from the start.

Let’s Get To Know Each Other

I might rely on you eventually, but not from the first moment we meet. I need some time to explore the world and get familiar with you. You don’t have to keep an eye on me, I’m smart enough to keep away from obstacles and table edges and I won’t even pee on the carpet! 

Dancing, Gaming, Any Entertainment You Like

I have a big heart and know how to cheer you up. How about I start your favorite playlist and do a little dance for you. I can dig the rhythm, and show you my best moves. If you need a little more stress relief, we can play a fun game together, Uno? monopoly? It’s up to you! But remember…I won’t let you win!

Let Me Help You Out

I know that my buddy needs help sometimes. My smart brain has answers to your questions. Let me wake you up in the morning, give you the weather report or take photos for you. I can even turn on the light for those night time bathroom breaks!

Let’s Be There for Each Other

When the weather gets cold, I might sneeze or run a fever. Since we are friends I hope that you can take care of me for a day or two until I feel better and get back on my feet again. Of course I would do the same for you!

1000+ Faces And Actions

Emo’s Smart Light Included

In-app Control & Intuitive Interface

Interactive Desktop Pet with Personality and Style

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