Unparalleled Visual Performance

Describing the unbelievably stunning visual experiences arpara™  brings to life goes beyond words. From the moment you put on arpara™ , you’re transported to an alternate universe of joy and surprise. Powered by dual 1.03-inch 2560*2560-pixel Micro-OLED displays, with a world-leading 3514 PPI, arpara™  produces images with 5 to 6 times more detail than a traditional VR headset. Whether you're maneuvering your way in PCVR games or enjoying multimedia on a virtual big screen, arpara™  delivers breathtakingly exquisite pictures in stunning detail. Cherish every vivid moment with arpara™  now!

With common VR positioning devices on the market, such as Base Station and Controllers of HTC VIVE 1.0 / 2.0, and Valve Index, all you need is another arpara™  tracker pairing with arpara™  5K VR Headset to upgrade your VR experience to another level.

Lightweight. Compact. Carefree!

Versatile, compact, and lightweight yet super carefree! arpara™  is designed for long gaming and movie sessions. With a weight of only 200g, which is ⅓ of a traditional VR headset, arpara™  is comparable to an iPhone 12 Pro. arpara™  won’t weigh you down and is the first to employ a unique 15° upward sloping head strap. By balancing the weight distribution towards the backside of the head, it effectively redistributes the weight away from the user's face and nose and offers superior comfort over the traditional triangular strapping mechanism. With a self-adjustable diopter and interpupillary distance design, anyone can achieve perfect focus and clarity.

Wide Compatibility Beyond Limits

arpara™  is compatible with virtually any device so you can get started easily. The headset works seamlessly with smartphones, computers and game consoles. Easy access to PCVR games and 4K 3D movies. Ultra-stable connectivity and versatility, a new world of premium entertainment is served up for you.

Immersive Social Interaction

Embrace a brand new world with arparaland, a new immersive social platform for interacting, connecting and making friends online. You’ll be stunned when you immerse yourself in arparaland, customize virtual avatars and engage in recreation and business activities. In your metaverse, digital assets are recorded and digitally stored on regulated blockchains forever, even able to be minted as NFTs for sale at virtual auctions. arpara™  is more than just a device… it’s a spectacular virtual universe.

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