Breathtaking Visual Feast 

Featuring dual 1.03-inch Micro OLED displays, arpara™  all-in-one achieves perfect harmony between FOV, PPI, and PPD, which delivers an unprecedented visual experience that exponentially surpasses conventional LCD and AMOLED VR headsets. Compared to AMOLED, the high aperture ratio of Micro-OLED displays effectively removes the screen door effect. arpara™  brings you breathtakingly exquisite pictures in stunning detail. Prepare to be transported to an alternate universe of joy and surprise.

Silky Smooth Entertainment

Fancy yourself exploring in Ready Player One? 

Equipped with the Qualcomm XR2, arpara™  all-in-one VR headset is capable of driving 4 concurrent cameras and decoding 8K videos, providing lower latency and better gaming performance. You’ll be lost in 3A gaming the minute that you put arpara™  on. 

Combined with a 95° FOV and 90 Hz refresh rate, arpara™  is the perfect companion for your Wireless Steam VR and VIVEPORT streaming games. 

arpara™  goes well beyond maximum gaming experiences. Surrounded by a giant virtual screen with crystal clear images, you’ll be so completely engaged in your favorite video content that you will become an essential part of it. 

Team arpara™  has combined creativity and technology into the ultimate portal to the futuristic world of VR entertainment.

Real and Virtual Freedom

Insisting on better ergonomics and daring enough to challenge the norm, arpara™  offers minimal distraction and maximum wearability at only 380g of weight, the lightest in its class. No more bulky gear, you are free to dive into the VR world with the greatest of ease. The all-in-one design includes rear battery placement for comfort and hassle free connection to other devices. Besides the outstanding design, arpara™  uses inside-out 6DOF head and hand tracking tech, which allows natural interaction with the virtual environment as if you were in the real world. Now it’s time to dream big and embrace the feeling of freedom and wonder with arpara™ .

arpara™ -promised-land

arpara™  is here to help you find your true inner self and be the real you in the parallel universe known as arparaland, where you can shape your own virtual world as you want, customize virtual characters, engage in recreational activities and business collaborations. Ownership of digital assets in arparaland are digitally recorded on regulated blockchains and safely stored forever. Rare digital assets can be minted as NFTs for auctions. You’re only one step away from the promised land, put on your arpara™  headset and immerse yourself in a new reality.

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